About Us

Working to Protect and Support Property Owners in Wisconsin
Representing Wisconsin’s Homeowners and REALTORS® to Safeguard Their Interests

The Wisconsin Homeowners Alliance (WHA) is a nonpartisan and nonprofit advocacy organization, working tirelessly to represent the interests of Wisconsin’s 2.5 million homeowners and property owners, including those who aspire to become property owners. We also stand by each and every Wisconsin REALTOR®, helping them protect their clients’ and customers’ interests.

The WHA is operated by a C4 non-profit corporation led by the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association (WRA). Our goal is to provide a public resource and watchdog that advocates and protects the interests of homeowners in Wisconsin. We receive funding from the WRA and a portion of REALTORS® dues, enabling us to continue our essential work.

Our mission is to educate property owners about federal issues, laws, and policies; to advocate for owners’ rights and interests; and to mobilize, when necessary, to secure those rights and interests. We are committed to timely outreach and strategic action that will cultivate and sustain property ownership in communities throughout the country. At the Wisconsin Homeowners Alliance, we believe that property ownership is essential to strong communities, and we work every day to protect and support property owners in Wisconsin.