Buying and selling a home is one of life’s most important and exciting events. The more prepared you are, the easier and more enjoyable it is. This section provides a “what to expect” on homeownership, whether you are selling your current home or buying a new one.

Tools such as the home buyers guide, home sellers guide and mortgage calculator are designed to help you through the process.

This section also includes a number of academic resources from the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association, covering housing statistics, environmental issues, land use, business and transactional issues and more.

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Homeowner Resources

Home Buyers Guide

Glossary of terms, tips on shopping for a home, financing, offers, contracts and closing information.

Home Sellers Guide

Tax benefits, buyer agency, marketing your home, pricing, financing, negotiating and closing.

Academic Resources

Wisconsin Housing Statistics Online

Research home sales and median price by county. Valuable for pricing out your home.

Business Practice Resources

E-Commerce, fair housing, privacy act, residential rental, telephone solicitation, no call and translation issues.

Environmental Resources

Mold, lead-based paint, underground storage tanks, water quality, well and septic testing.

Land Use Resources

Annexation, Floodplains, Private Property Rights, Septic Systems, Shoreland Zoning and Wetland Mitigation.

Transactional Resources

Disclosure, inspectors, homeowner’s and title insurance, fraud, offers, sex offenders, use value and condo law.

Business Practice Resources

Conducting a real estate business is like operating any other small business – there are a myriad of laws and regulations that must be followed. These resources address some of the most challenging federal and state laws facing a real estate business and give guidance and tools for compliance.

Environmental Resources

Environmental hazards are a source of concern for everyone: consumers, REALTORS®, developers, regulatory agencies and legislators. These resources may be helpful for anyone looking for a source of reliable information about some of the major environmental concerns facing Wisconsin citizens. Proper detection and remediation, as well as potential health issues, are discussed in these resources.

Land Use Resources

Property developers, whether they be major contractors undertaking billion dollar projects or a family looking to build a home on a waterfront lot, face both natural and regulatory obstacles. The land use resources help educate all those involved with the development of different varieties of land – shoreland properties, contaminated parcels, rural areas, wetlands and city subdivisions – to plan strategies for meeting the challenges of successful development.

Transactional Resources

The process of negotiating and implementing an offer to purchase may at times be difficult for both consumers and brokers. These resources provide guidance for navigating some of the pitfalls and sticky issues that may surface in the most basic of transactions, for example, disclosing use-value assessments, obtaining homeowners insurance when there is 60 amp service or fuses, or securing a loan from reputable lenders who conduct business honestly and who bring good funds to the closing table.

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